Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Progress: Prop Mic

So, I'm building a prop radio mic out of plumbing parts and window screen.  And this is my third time scrapping and rebuilding.  BUT I PERSERVERE!

I'm rather pleased with the mic front.  I'm going to paint over it to hide the hot glue showing thru the mesh and get some manner of logo on the front.  And this plumbing part that makes the mic "head" has this funky white stuff on it.  It's not meant to be displayed, but instead in the inner workings of a toilet.  However, Liz declares otherwise.  

There's a lot of gorilla tape going on because it's strong and NVCR is a public radio station so how big could its budget be?  I'm sure Cecil has had to repair a lot of equipment after contract negotiations with station management.

Good Morning, Listeners!

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