Monday, August 19, 2013

Two things:

I am plotting a gothy choker/jabot that will involve a leather collar, distressed metal mesh, and vintage (or sufficiently distressed) St Sebastian medals. As the kinkiest of saints and one of my personal favorites, he gets the collar :)  The mesh I envision extending over not just the neck but also decollette and shoulders. This will be interesting.

I have finished transcribing the Ligeia notes for this long-ass Victorian speculative fic paper I'm working on. It's not ready for prime time, but I am already considering where the hell to send it.  I will spend this week adding notes from the various fun books I've collected on Victorian consumption, erotica, and Victorian consumption erotica.  Cause it was totes there.  Will also be looking for primary sources on Victorian dominatrices, male submission, and early fetish porn.  I have the best research ever!

That is all!  Now to watch fringe with the dogs!

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